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ModFreakz® Shell/button Kit Matte Collection Black (NOT A CONTROLLER, For PS3 Controllers)

  • $14.97

This kit includes: a full front and back shell case set; 1 direction pad; (square, triangle, circle, and x) button parts; Right 1 and Left 1; Right 2 and Left 2; 2 analog sticks (thumb sticks); and "PS" button

Beautiful custom Matter Black designed controller housing shell with button set is perfect for DIY gaming mods. Made of the highest quality impact resistant material, these shells are the ideal replacement for your broken or dysfunctional wireless controller shell

Includes FREE screwdriver and FREE pair of thumbstick grips

Backed by our 100% customer satisfaction, 90 day, money back guarantee.

ModFreakz® is an official trademark and Donaldson’s is the only authorized seller of ModFreakz® branded products

Each one of our custom designed and created controller shells is created with the gamer in mind. We have a variety of unique designs to match your gaming personality. In a world being swept by the popular gaming hobby, we want to help you stand out from the crowd. ModFreakz® quality custom controller shells are made from durable materials and the color will not fade or wear away with use. The controller shells also come with a complete set of buttons to complete this DIY kit. Everyone wants to be the best. Let us help you get the attention you deserve.

The shells are not only great for making your controller look awesome, they are also perfect as a replacement repair kit. Full controllers cost nearly as much as the games you use them for. If your controller gets externally damaged, you can use our controller shell kits at a fraction of the cost of a new controller and your controller will look exponentially more striking.